September 10, 2018


Public Comments: ... Shirley Goetz of Avila Beach discussed that due to a conflict of interest the Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary project’s holding account was terminated. This has resulted in not holding events related to birds and wildlife in the area. Apparently there was a non-profit that was formed in February of 2016 named “Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary, Inc” but there is no evidence that it exists or is functioning today, resulting in no benefit for Avila Beach related to the bird sanctuary.


October 1, 2018


Public Comments: ...  Shirley Goetz is concerned that the Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary (Inc.) is not serving its original mission (in part to have education programs for kids about birds) nor serving the best interests of the Avila Beach Community. Denise Allen thanked Shirley for her early advocacy of the Bird Sanctuary and stated, “I just want to put that out there that there was a dream for the bird sanctuary and it’s not being fulfilled with the new group or whoever is running it now.”


November 5, 2018


Public Comments: There was one public comment from Shirley Goetz who publicly thanked Denise Allen for trying to find answers about the status of the Avila Bird Sanctuary. The conclusion was that there is no current benefit to the Avila community being provided by the non-profit organization.


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